Frequently Asked Questions




  • Please do not use tape on the floor, the adhesive will pull up the finish on the floor.  We have some floor cord tracks that can be used.

  • Alcohol:   You may bring in your own alcohol or have a bartending service provide it but it has to be served by a TABC licensed and insured (1 million) bartender.   This applies to any and all alcohol (kegs, margarita machines…..).   Proof of  bar tending requirements must be provided to us prior to reception.  When alcohol is served security must be provided, security service will determine if more then 1 officer is needed.   Our preferred security is Gean Blaylock with the Collin County Sheriffs department. 469-667-6833

  • Vendors/Djs/Food Catering:   We have recommended vendors but you may use any vendor of your choice but they must be insured and clean up after themselves.  *** make sure your caters provide bussing of plates and drinks during reception or please have staff dedicated for that***

  • Candles:    Any candle arrangement is fine on the fireplace and mantel but please do not use tall candles or candelabra on tables that are at risk of falling over.   We prefer them to have water in the base to extinguish if tipped over.

  • Sparklers:    No longer then 2 ft.,  bride/groom assume responsibility for any liability from sparklers if they choose them.   We will have 2 large water buckets to extinguish them.

  • No children under 12 unattended outside in Fire Pit and Ceremony Areas.

  • Clean up:     During reception make sure to have bussers to clean off tables and trash during reception ( your caterer can usually help you with that.)  Afterwards, We will handle the floors, tables and chairs.  You just need to handle the decorations and whatever you want to keep.   Your vendors are responsible for cleaning after themselves.

  • Lounge roll up door:   If the weather is nice the door can be opened but we’d prefer to have the barn doors closed at that time to prevent a loss of heating/cooling.

  • Yard games in fire pit area:   Bag toss, ring/hook game. 

  • Speaker system:  95 dB max. NO SUB-WOOFERS ALLOWED- loudspeakers and towers are allowed.  There is a conduit with XLR cables ran behind the fireplace to allow a speaker on each side without having a cord in front of fireplace.   DJs/bands can connect to our system via a XLR input at the areas in the diagram below.   Usually DJs will have 2 loudspeakers near dance floor and then connect to our system for sound in the- main area, lounge, bathrooms, patio, ceremony site and fire pit area.

  • Video slide show:     Best option is a USB or DVD.  We do have a DVD/USB player you can use that is connected to that TV.  ***Please allow time to test slide show prior to reception.  iMovies has functionality that allows you to scroll the pictures around (save in all the format options available, power point does NOT work).  *** please bring the device that the slideshow was created on so we can if all else fails we plug the hdmi straight into it (don’t forget the charger). 

  • Gobo Projector:  go online and order your custom gobo for about $55 at  (www.goboman.com)  the dimensions are a custom size of 26.8/14 mm.  Please bring early in the day of for install and setup.  The projector is in a fixed spot that can only display on the fireplace between the 2 mantels.