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Stone Crest Venue is perched atop one of the highest points in all of Collin County overlooking miles of rolling countryside.  We are a lodge-like, modern, industrial venue located on 20 acres that is unique to. the area because in that it feels that you are in the Hill Country.  Located in the small town of New Hope, it is 38 miles north of Dallas and just 5 minutes from Historic McKinney, TX.  Whether you are looking for a venue for your wedding, corporate meeting, graduation, birthday or anniversary party, we have what you need for a memorable and special occasion.

Stone Crest offers a 60’ x 120 reception hall, with stunning surroundings, ornate features, and solid reclaimed wood to create a lodge-like elegance.  Bring 30 or 275 of your closest friends or your extended family; whatever your party list needs, we can accommodate you.  Your entire guest list and all honorees will love our beautiful landscapes and tasteful décor, no matter the occasion.  Stone Crest gives you the freedom to choose your own vendors.  If you are starting out and need contacts, we have a vendor list you can refer to if you need references for services (photography, catering, coordinators, entertainment, photo booth, etc.)  Call 972.544.6848, or email us at info@stonecrestvenue.com today to book your next celebration!


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Our Barn Wood…

We often get the question, “Where did you get your interior barn wood?”   We actually got our beautiful barn wood, from Josh Brehmar.  He’s based in Texas, but travels the country looking for barns with character and history.  Below is the history report he gave us on the 2 barns out of Wisconsin, where we got the wood for Stone Crest.  One of the barns used to be an old dance hall, which is neat in that it gets to carry on almost 100 years of entertainment…which is now, Stone Crest!

Josh Brehmar
Old Fashion Lumber LLC

“The barn was a German built barn.  The original 40×80 barn and 20×100 machine shed was built by the Amish in 1908.  The milk house was added on in 1937, and the machine shed and pig pen were built in 1949.  It was in Outagamie County, Kakaunna WI.”

“The farm had over 170 dairy cows, about 40 hogs, 50 chickens, back when it was in use up until the late 70’s.  It was a “Mega Farm” in its hay day with 5 buildings total on the property.”

“These are arial photos of the property before they added the machine shed in 1949.  As you can see, they made good money if they could afford photos like this.  Part of your lumber came from the machine shed on the north west side of the property. The upstairs of that was once used to host local town hall dances. They said there would be 50+ people up there “polka-ing” at one time.”

“The second barn was a Italian built barn.  It was built in 1929, by Italian Immigrants who came here to start a cheese factory.  They were the first people in Porterfield, WI, and the surrounding area to mass produce cheese for distribution.  The barn was used to store the dairy cows in the bottom and the hay above.  The cheese house was adjacent but it was torn down in the 1990s.”

Then your other barn, we don’t have much history on.  It was a 40 x 120 ft barn.  They raised cows and horses.  We estimate it was built in the early 1930’s due to its construction.  It was only 15 miles from the Porterfield barn in the town on a lake.  Your lumber came from the upper hay mows and the roof/decking material from all 3 of these barns.”



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